Q.How do I join RisingStarAffiliates?

Easy, simply open an account by clicking here! or go directly to our Registration section here on this site

Q.Are there any fees involved when joining RisingStarAffiliates.com?

Absolutely not, joining RisingStarAffiliates is free and has opening an account with us has no costs involved. Once your application has been approved you will be receiving a confirmation email with your account details.

Q.Which payment methods do you offer?

Your commissions are sent using various payment methods such as BTC, Skrill, Crypto, Bank Wire, etc.

Q.When do you pay affiliate commissions?

We start processing all affiliate commissions by the 1st of the following month or the first business day.

Q.How often do you update affiliate stats?

Affiliate stats are provided and updated by each software provider, most of them are updated 30 min time, otherwise they are updated once a day.

Q.Is there any minimum amount that needs to earned before you can process my payment?

Affiliates need to earn at least $300 or accumulate such amount before we can process their payments. There are also some exceptions depending on the selected payment method.

Q.Do you have Negative Carryover?

No, there is not negative carryover on your balance involved. Each month you start fresh!