Promote the RisingStarAffiliates brands with these tools

At RisingStarAffiliates we value your traffic that's why we offer you the most up to date marketing materials for all of our casino brands. We aim to provide you with content that will generate the highest possible revenue for you. We achieve that by providing you with personalized solutions and materials. Read below about some of our marketing tools.

Bonuses and special promotions: Get exclusive and personalized promotions for your players. We will work closely with you to make sure you have the best marketing materials at your hands.

Banners: Our team of experienced graphic designers can provide you with any type of graphics you may need. High quality and fast turnaround is what makes us a trustworthy partner.

Landing pages: Increase your conversion rate by using fully customized landing pages. Our developers will make sure that the landing page matches your exclusive promotion and is fully personalized for all your marketing needs.

Custom materials: We can provide you with any custom marketing materials like mailers, promotional texts and web-solutions.

Fully responsive: We have a wide selection of mobile ready marketing materials for all your mobile and tablet traffic.

Tracking Links: Track your performance accurately with our reporting system. See your impressions, clicks and downloads in real time.

Demo Games: Would you like to put some of our most exciting games on your website? Let your visitors feel the thrill of playing our slot games before they decide to play for real.

If you need any Exclusive Materials please feel free to contact our team!