Privacy Policy

Collection and use of information

All information we collect will be from fair means and not in an intrusive manner. By using the site and becoming an affiliate, you acknowledge and agree that we may collect this information. We will not distribute, sell, share, or rent this information to others in any. We store financial information pertaining your payment method of choice.

Registration information

To obtain an approved account, you must first complete the registration form. This form allows us to store simple registration information such as your name, address, email address, telephone and other contact information. This information is used to contact you about the services on our site. We encourage the addition of extra information in order to better serve you and create a better relationship.

Newsletter and email address

If you wish to receive our newsletter, we do require that you provide a valid email address. At any time you may update your preferences and decide to opt-out.

Important service information

From time to time we need to send email that contains important information about our site and our services, we insist that you may not opt out of this as it may contain very important and infrequent updates about your account and the affiliate program.

Security of information

We do our utmost to prevent loss and misuse of your information. Our servers are all protected with encryption within a secure environment. We do encourage our affiliates to only use their own computer or trusted devices to log into our affiliate sites.

Notification of Changes

Any changes made to our policies will be publicly posted on approved forums, our site and in our newsletter. In the unlikely event that we change the way we use your information, we will notify you via our newsletter. If at any time you disagree with our policies on information usage, you are welcome to get in touch and opt out.